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The Quest

A prince and princess try to make sense of their people’s tragic past.  Their search for meaning takes them on a long and difficult journey.

The Magic Child

A time of crisis: the great spider that spun the web of the universe is dying and seeking places to lay its last eggs. Unknown to her, a little girl receives one of the fragile eggs and must nurture it.  

The Rosebud That Didn’t Want To Bloom

A sensitive rosebud is afraid to bloom. A rose’s life, she feels, is brief and pointless. Lured out of her bud by friendship, she finally blossoms. Predictably, her petals fade and wilt, but this is just the beginning of her adventures. 

The Lost Mermaid

A mermaid, fascinated by humans, decides to enter the body of a little boy and share his experiences. When he becomes crippled and succumbs to despair, she faces the challenge of restoring his faith in life.

The Mirror

A pretty and frivolous fairy princess brings disaster on her people by shattering a magic mirror.  Will she be able to repair the mirror and, with it, her world?

The Monsters

A brutal race of monsters lives by preying on itself.  A young monster, born with a surprising portion of goodness and gentleness in her makeup, determines to bring change.

The Torn Silver Chain

A fairy girl fails the challenge of passing from childhood to young adulthood.  With the help of a small gray cat, she is given a second chance.

The Butterfly Chronicle

It is sometime in the future and butterflies have vanished from the earth.  Where have they gone and will they ever return?  A brother and sister, lost for a night in the forest, discover surprising answers.


Ray’s husband has just gone off to a conference on taxation, a perfect time for Ray to take a journey of exploration with her special friend, the moon man.


Emerald’s world resembles an enormous, computer-controlled beehive. Within it, she lives an ordered, contented life, until a glitch occurs. A fragment of poetry flickers across her computer screen arousing unexpected and unsettling emotions.

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