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Eva Eliav

Author | Poet | Artist

Welcome to my website. Hope you enjoy these samples of my poetry, fiction, and art.


Eva Eliav studied English Literature at The University of Toronto and The University of Tel Aviv. Her poetry and flash fiction have appeared in numerous literary journals, including Room, Emrys Journal, Ilanot Review, Flashquake, The Apple Valley Review, Horizon Review, Luna Station Quarterly, Fairy Tale Magazine, Stand, Constellations, Minyan, One Art, Gyroscope Review, MacQueen’s Quinterly, and Fictive Dream.
She is the author of two poetry chapbooks: Eve (Red Bird Chapbooks, 2019) and One Summer Day (Kelsay Books, 2021).

One Summer Day by Eva Eliav

From "One Summer Day"

strangers share my web

of rituals

we speak in covert glances


the same ants sting our feet

we bathe together

in the same hot wind

traffic rumbles by

the radio squawks

two boys are arguing

in Italian

a man and woman

fiddle with their phones

within this snarl

of languages and silence

we pulsing knots

of life

Eve by Eva Eliav

From "Eve"

perhaps what we needed in eden

was a mother

the old man’s love

was so conditional

and the garden

smugly stocked with delicacies

painfully perfect

had little to do really

with what we are

fistful of grasses

in a jar of bone

clumsy kisses

tasting of flesh and blood


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